About Us

We are situated at a tiny hamlet called Lakkasandra in Doddaballapur Taluk of Bengaluru district. Lakkasandra is around 65Kms from Bengaluru city and there are around 50 villages in the radius of 15Kms.

We started our operation in 2001 through our school Sri Guru Raghavendra Vidyaniketana. It started by providing free education to 34 children. Today, apart from education the trust serves the people in various other forms like rural employment, health care, women empowerment and other socio-economic activities.

We have 3 major programs as below:

  • Counseling to create awareness
  • Improving access to education
  • Vocational Training and Placements

Our Vision
In the age of deteriorating values, principles and human culture in the society - our prime focus is and would be to inculcate these values at an early stage among children who would be tomorrow's society. Poverty, illiteracy and ignorance should not be a blockade for the progress of the rural poor people.

About our community

People of surrounding villages are underprivileged, economically weak and mostly belong to farming & labor community. They are from different linguistic, cultural and religious background. Most of them are illiterates. They have small pieces of barren land for cultivation with weak irrigational facilities. They have to rely strongly on rains for better agricultural crop. Their average annual income normally does not exceed Rs 20,000 – Rs. 30,000. Most of the village people are alcohol addict and majority of their earnings – through cultivation and daily wages will be spent on alcohol. This gives further continuity to their poverty.

Our Mission
The mission is to endeavor for the overall development of socially backward villages where child labor, women bigotry, unemployment, child marriage, alcoholism etc are dominant by addressing the root cause of illiteracy. Strive to eradicate the ignorance of poor villagers and build a righteous society.

Owing to their poverty, during monsoon (rainy season) - these people are happy in taking their children to fields for farming. Also, with huge family and ignorance about significance of education, they have reluctance in sending their children to school & prefer to utilize them as daily wages laborers. Hence, child labor is a very important issue which we are addressing here.

There are several social bigotries prevailing in the village communities here. Normally, they don't send their girl child to school and even if they send, they will discontinue once they attain puberty (say around 12-14 years of age) and immediately get them married, to shirk off their responsibility. Hence, girl's literacy ratio is very poor here.

These villagers take bath once in a week (on a specific week day), don't give any importance to cleanliness and hygienic matters, drink unsafe water, total negligence to healthcare, no nutritional awareness in food, no pregnancy care, following old traditional methods for delivering child. Also, they are not aware about any of the government programs/schemes being brought out from time to time for their welfare and upliftment and this allows little bit educated people to take disadvantage of their ignorance.

Hence, our first job was to create awareness in these people about everything through counseling and attack the root cause of all these social evils through education and making them understand about the significance of literacy to their children in the present day environment of technological advancement and opportunities that exist in every field including agriculture. Literacy brings up growth and enlightens villagers about the necessity of educating their children, which brings permanent solution to the present pitiable socio-economic situation of the community we are operating.

We provide quality education to villagers and help them to develop knowledge necessary to understand the world around and take effective advantage of the present day world and grow economically and internally which will uplift the socio-economic condition of the surrounding village people.

Villages Covered

SL No Village Name Taluk District Distance(KM)
1LakkasandraDoddaballapurBangalore Rural0
2ChikkamuddenahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural1
3HiremuddenahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural1.5
4TuruvanahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural1
5KallikoteDoddaballapurBangalore Rural2
6MukkadghattaDoddaballapurBangalore Rural2.5
9BalenahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural3
18KondasandraDoddaballapurBangalore Rural5
22DurgenahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural3
23GeddalapalyaDoddaballapurBangalore Rural4
24SS GhatiDoddaballapurBangalore Rural7
25HadonahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural8
26GangasandraDoddaballapurBangalore Rural9
27TogarighattaDoddaballapurBangalore Rural15
28KanchiganalaDoddaballapurBangalore Rural20
29KaranalaDoddaballapurBangalore Rural10
30TubagereDoddaballapurBangalore Rural8
31ShampuraGowribidanurBangalore Rural8
36GentiganahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural16
37TirumagondanahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural8
38LaxmidevipuraDoddaballapurBangalore Rural8
39PalpaldinneDoddaballapurBangalore Rural6
40GuyalahalliDoddaballapurBangalore Rural8
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