Our Future Plans

Along with our existing activities/operations, we have few plans in thoughts to be executed in coming days for the betterment of the society.

Micro Finance for dairy:

Dairy (milking cows) is quite famous small household business in these areas. Since, people are already accustomed to this; we have plans of implementing this provided we receive financial support.

Setting up rural BPO:

We have plans to set up rural BPOs in near future to generate the employment for youths. This involves training and putting on job, the less educated village girls who would be tomorrow's women. These girls would otherwise become daily wage laborers and our project would affect quite a lot of issues haunting them like illiteracy, poverty, hygiene, malnutrition of children owing to poverty, ignorance etc.

Free Residential school for poor village children:

Some of our village children do not have good supporting environment for their education at their home. Few children do not get nutritional food at their home. So considering all these factors, we have a plan to set up free residential school for poor village children in coming days.

Setting up Pre-University College:

Our existing facility gives education up to 10th standard. To continue their education after 10th, students have to go to Doddaballapur which is 15-20 Kilometers far from villages. Due to non availability of pre university colleges, some students discontinue their education after 10th. To avoid this, we need to have a Pre-university College at our current location.

Rural hospital for villagers

The villagers have to travel to Bangalore City which is 65 KMs from their village, to avail good medical facilities. We have an intention to open up a fully fledged medical facility for the villagers in future.

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