Our other Activities

Apart from our education, employment, health care and women welfare programs, we are addressing the following issues which have been the hindrance to the overall social development.

Child marriage; especially girls':

The villagers discontinue girls' education after she attains puberty and they will do her marriage. We have been addressing this issue continuously and because of our efforts we have more girls pursuing education today.

Lower girl's literacy ratio:

The parents here do not send girls for education and get her married once she reaches puberty level. They have a disbelief that girls should not go out of home for education, work etc. Through our programs, we have been successful in convincing the parents to send the girls to schools.

Population control:

We have done a lot of campaigns and programs in the villages for the need of population control. We are addressing this issue mainly through education.


The villagers depend on agriculture for their livelihood and they still follow ancient method of farming. Due to uncertainty of rain and other environmental factors, they are not able to make their basic earnings for living. We are addressing this issue through our education and employment programs. Basically we are creating an awareness that educating their children will give them better life.

Non-exposure to computer literacy:

We give training on computers for school/college dropouts and help them to gain decent employment that will make their livelihood.

Electoral education:

There is a famous saying - "Bad officials are elected by good people who do not vote". Most of the village people in India do not know what is the importance of elections and casting the vote. Due to lack of awareness towards this; either people do not vote or their vote is purchased by political parties. We educate people on this.

Un-importance to hygienic aspect, including consuming safe drinking water:

The villagers give less importance for cleanliness of their body, surroundings and environment. Most of the people take bath once in a week. As a result various diseases like skin diseases, malaria, cholera etc affects them regularly. Our team is creating awareness on this aspect and we have observed significance improvement on this.

Addiction to alcohol:

Alcoholism is the evil of the society. Alcohol addiction has brought many families to street. We educate the rural men, especially youths about their family/social responsibilities, evils of drinking etc.

Women & youth empowerment:

We arrange different trainings regularly for women and youth about the employment, education, utilization of available government facilities/schemes etc to bring them up socially and economically.

Other issues addressed:

1. Eco system including water and its resources management. 2. Various other forms social bigotries prevailing from ages, which are acting as impediments to their growth. 3.Ignorance about all aspects.

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