Our Projects and Sponsorships

We have multiple projects in the process of execution or to be executed for serving the society better. We seek your kind support for these projects to continue the service to rural community. Our projects are categorized into:

Minor Projects

We have around 120 students studying in higher primary in the age range of 14 to 16 from 50 different villages. We have plans to give the bicycles to these students to improve the access to education. Also we have planned for a play zone for the school children. This project will help the physique of kids apart from providing recreation to them.

Major Projects

Presently, the school is housed in temple premises temporarily and to make a permanent solution to this problem a new school building is planned with capacity addition. Due to our successful programs, the demand for education is also on raise year by year. Because of these factors, improving the school infrastructure is the need of the hour.

Sponsorship Programs

The sponsorship programs include sponsoring a nursery child, primary school child or higher primary school child for one academic year. The sponsorship involves taking care of all academic expenses such as Reading books, Writing books, Transportation, Uniform, Examination fee and other miscellaneous expenses for a period of one year.

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