There is/was a strong disbelief about education among rural people of surrounding villages that education can't earn them bread and better their living standard. Since most of the (say 95%) villagers are illiterates and poor, they depend on daily wage labor jobs for livelihood and hence do not attach any importance to get their children educated as they feel education can't earn them a living. In fact, this belief is strong in most of the remote villages in India and literacy rate of less than 25% in rural India speaks the fact. Many social issues prevailing in the surrounding villages were caused due to the root cause of illiteracy and to eradicate these issues Education to village children is the prominent mean. children education ngo india Sri Guru Raghavendra Vidyaniketana, a school run by Sri Guru Raghavendra Charitable Trust was started in June 2001 to address illiteracy in rural villages with the advice of our Spiritual Guru – Sri Rayaru.

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Facilities Provided

We offer classes from LKG to 10th Standard and our school is approved by Govt of Karnataka. We provide free transportation to our school children coming from 50 villages. This encourages and motivates children as it provides accessibility to easily reach the school. We provide free reading and writing books, uniforms, shoes etc. to all our students. Computer Education – We provide computer education to all children facilitated by fully fledged laboratory. Non-Curricular activities – We engage children with non-curricular activities like clay modeling, Painting, Singing, Dancing and sports activities.

The Challenges

We started running the school purely based on nominal fees charged to some students and small donations given by few individual donors. The institution either exempted or subsidized the tuition fee payment to students owing to their weak economical conditions. We never forced for fee payment as it would discourage parents from sending their children to school. Due to our persistent effort in counseling rural community on awareness about education, number of students joining the school gradually increased every year. This is forcing us to expand our infrastructure to accommodate more children. Due to insufficient funds, as a temporary arrangement, we decided to use the large dining-hall of temple and compartmentalize into class rooms with wooden planks as partitions. At present, the institution is running most of its classrooms in temple premises with student strength of 500+ in the academic year of 2011-12.

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